The Montreal Oracle Dev Day – Meet up (MODD)
on October 25th, 2017 was a big success.

Here are some data to convince you.

Overview of the day:
75 participants;
4 speakers recognized for their expertise with APEX and Oracle;
1 particularly liked technical presentation;
7 hours of training.

Business connections and fruitful discussion. A unique opportunity to meet influencers and other professionals influencers and other professionals.

What the participants said:
Satisfaction level over 90%, whether it is overall satisfaction for the day or the content of presentations;
100% of participants will take part in another event organized by Insum;
100% of participants would recommend the event in their network.


We can say it is mission accomplished. Thank you for trusting us. Our raison d’être is also to train, transfer knowledge, and give back to the APEX community.


Discover pictures of the highlights of the day.

  • IMG_20171025_142113.jpg
  • IMG_20171025_131120.jpg
  • IMG_20171025_122719-2 - Copy.jpg
  • IMG_20171025_122331-2.jpg
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  • DSC06787-2-01.jpeg
The MODD is the event to attend!
Thank you to our partners Oracle and ODTUG with whom we have organized this day.



Another thank you to



Review the speaker presentations!
Only participants can access to the presentations.