Webinar Registration: How to Do Peer Code Reviews in APEX Development Teams

When peer code reviews are done well, they result in better code, fewer bugs, more informed and productive developers, and money saved. This is something any Oracle APEX developer can love. 


Webinar  Registration

Date : Wednesday, October 10

Time: From 2 to 3PM ET

In this session we’ll answer the question “Why Do Code Reviews” and learn how to:

  • Document Goals
  • Document Coding Standards
  • Make it Light Weight
  • Use Automated Tools
  • Use Checklists
  • Assess Results and Make Improvements

Even done poorly, peer code reviews are still worthwhile, but have far fewer advantages. Luckily, it takes no extra time to do peer code reviews well 😉

code review insum.jpg

Anton Nielsen is vice-president, consulting services at Insum having joined us February 2018 when Insum aquired C2 Consulting inc, an Oracle consultation firm out of Boston of which Anton was President. Mr. Neilsen has exensive consulting, development and project management experience with hundres of clients, through work with the two firms as well as with Oracle and the United States Air Force.

Anton is an Oracle ACE and a frequent presenter at Oracle events. He’s received recognitions such as ODTUG KScope Top Speaker Overall 2015, ODTUG KScope Top Speaker APEX 2015 and Oracle Consulting Leadership 2000 Award

Mr Nielsen’s Skills include: System Architecture, Database Design, Project Management, Application Development, Reliablity Modelling & Analysis, Logistics and Optimization, Network Analysis, Storage Architectures