Webinar Registration: Dive into Dynamic Actions

If you are just starting out with Oracle APEX, you have to know that you can take your applications to the next level with very little knowledge of JavaScript.  How? by learning the basics of dynamic actions! In APEX, dynamic actions can help you quickly and easily define client-side behavior declaratively with little to no coding. still, dynamic actions can be daunting to a novice APEX developer. But don't let that stop you!

Webinar  Registration

Date : Wednesday, November 28

Time: From 2 to 3PM EST

In this webinar, I’ll

  • introduce and explain the concept of dynamic actions as I progress through a number of common, real-world requirements that a developer may face.
  • Explain how to use dynamic actions to easily solve common development problems.
  • Use examples, ranging from basic to advanced

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Jackie McIlroy is an experienced programmer with close to 15 years of experience in IT, and almost 10 with APEX. She is proficient with languages such as Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, XML, and JavaScript. Her skills range from requirement analysis to software design, database data model design, application development and maintenance, and APEX developer mentorship. She has worked extensively with Oracle APEX, Oracle Database, and Oracle SQL Developer.

Jackie presented this session at Kscop18 to rave reviews. Most recently she accepted into the ODTUG Leadership program